Jonathan Globerman is the co-founder of The Biostation, a company with a new approach to total wellness in Delray Beach, Florida.


Leading an active lifestyle has always been a part of Jonathan Globerman’s life. Following his father’s steps as an athlete, Jonathan Globerman played competitive sports since his early youth, and later moved to South Florida to a place where healthy living and sports were available year-round.


In 2011, Jonathan’s father became very ill with congestive heart failure. He needed a heart transplant, and luckily, is now alive and healthy thanks to a miracle in modern medicine. The joy and awe of seeing his father fully recovered strengthened Jonathan’s resolve to help others maximize their health, and strive for total wellness.


To ensure he wouldn’t share a fate similar to his father, Jonathan searched for the best medical care he could find. Here, Jonathan met Dr. Martin G Bloom, MD, a cardiologist with expertise in functional and preventative care. Dr. Bloom showed Jon how to take proactive, medical steps beyond the excellent lifestyle choices he had been practicing. Inspired by the trove of possibilities Dr. Bloom introduced to him, Jonathan joined forces with Dr. Bloom, Ross Bloom, and Keith Foulis to form The Biostation.

The Biostation

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Combat the symptoms of aging, gain energy, lose weight, sleep better, increase stamina, boost libido, prevent memory loss, and feel revitalized.

Nutraceutical Therapy

Powerful nutraceuticals fight the effects that a busy and active lifestyle place on the bodyIncrease overall health, and enhance fitness levels and endurance.

Nutrient IV Therapy

Deliver vitamins & minerals your body needs in the most efficient way. Prevent illness, treat health conditions, and maintain proper hydration at a cellular level.

Total Wellness

The Biostation offers a scientific approach to wellness and age management to help men and women rejuvenate their bodies, revitalize their minds and reclaim their confidence.


The Biostation is dedicated to helping you find an individualized, comprehensive, and scientific approach to health and wellness. Whether it is through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Nutraceutical Therapy, or Nutrient IV Therapy, The Biostation will take an individualized look at your health and wellness goals and help you do everything you can to let your body achieve them.

Jonathan Globerman helped found The Biostation when he realized what modern medicine can do for the average person. Whether it is in time of dire need, or for the purpose of bringing yourself from good health to even better health, The Biostation offers the services and the consultation to let you find your way to Total Wellness.

About Jonathan Globerman

In his youth, Jonathan Globerman traveled all over the U.S. to play soccer under great coaches. When he graduated high school Jonathan studied political science at Emory University in Atlanta.

Emory University

At Emory University from 1998 to 2002, Jonathan Globerman grew fond of Atlanta. Eventually, however, Globerman realized to what extent sports and fitness were the paramount priority for him. Thus, Jonathan Globerman found himself looking for a location with all year access to sports conducive weather. Globerman moved to South Florida after college, a place where healthy living and sports were available year-round.

Finance and Fitness

Jonathan Globerman, Achieving The ImpossibleTwo years after college,  in 2004, Jonathan Globerman began a career in finance. Between the years of 2008- 2013, Jonathan Globerman ran the business of a large mortgage office for a bank in Florida.  During his time running the mortgage office, Jonathan Globerman’s pursued his passion for sports and fitness through regular participation in recreational fitness events. Jonathan Globerman was and still is an avid participant of CrossFit, and has competed in many CrossFit competitions as well as various endurance racing competitions.

Following His Passion

In any sports or competitive event, Globerman’s motivation always spawns from the spirit of general fitness and health.  At this point in Globerman’s life, his work was finance; his passion was good, healthy living. On a fateful day in 2012, Jonathan got married to his wife Montana, a practicing health coach.  Both Jonathan and Montana have pushed each other to learn and practice good clean healthy living and each help each other to continue to grow on this journey together.

With his work at The Biostation, Jonathan is able to live out his goal of helping others achieve Total Wellness.